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As Management Consultants we specialise in integrating cutting-edge Space Technology and Data into your Digital Transformation journey!

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Strategy & Portfolio

We develop comprehensive strategies that leverage space technology for digital transformation. We help businesses identify key areas where space technology can be integrated for maximum impact. Our team assists in portfolio management, ensuring that the selection of projects aligns with your strategic objectives and delivers tangible benefits.
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Analysis & Specification

Our expertise in analysis and requirements engineering involves a deep dive into your business processes to understand how space technology can optimise operations. We conduct thorough analyses to identify specific needs and opportunities, and then specify the technological solutions and requirements needed to meet these objectives.
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Market Intelligence & RfP-Processes

With access to extensive market intelligence, LETO SPACE provides insights into the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities in the space sector. This knowledge is critical in guiding Request for Proposal (RfP) processes. We assist in drafting RfPs that accurately reflect your needs, and help evaluate proposals to ensure you partner with the right suppliers and technologies.
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(Agile) Project & Implementation Management

We employ agile methodologies during implementation phases to ensure value-driven flexibility and efficiency in integrating new solutions. Our approach includes overseeing the project lifecycle, from planning to closure. We focus on delivering projects that bring value while adhering to project constraints.
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Our Software


LETO BASE is our proprietary software platform offering market intelligence and a comprehensive database of space technology solutions and suppliers. This platform is a cornerstone of our service, providing clients with data-driven insights and access to a wide network of industry resources. LETO BASE empowers businesses to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving space technology market.
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Who we are

Management Consultants, IT-Experts & Space Visionaries

At LETO SPACE, we are a dynamic team of management consultants, IT experts, and space visionaries, united by our passion for integrating space technology into business solutions. Our team brings together a wealth of knowledge from the areas of business strategy, cutting-edge technology, and the possibilities of space. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of digital transformation, where the innovation of the tech world meets the leading edge of space advancements.

Our expertise not only lies in understanding the latest trends and technologies but in translating them into actionable strategies that propel businesses forward. As space visionaries, we’re constantly exploring new ways to harness the power of space data and technology, ensuring our clients are always several steps ahead in the market. We are your trusted advisors in navigating the exciting intersection of IT, management, and the wonders of space.


Orbital Opportunities

Understanding the Structure & Dynamics of the Space Economy​

As we are dedicated to unlocking the opportunities of Space for our clients, we need ways to make the Space Market transparent and accessible to them. Therefore we collected and analysed existing frameworks on the space economy to educate and derive the motivation for developing our own interactive framework.

In our Whitepaper, we present and explain some of the most influential and commendable contributions of organisations like OECD, European Investment Bank (EIB), Euroconsult, know.spaceSpace Capital, and Dealroom. Their frameworks have significantly advanced our understanding of the space market, and have laid a solid foundation for us to build upon.

We are excited to work on a new framework that addresses these challenges and takes advantage of these opportunities. We are confident that our approach will enhance the transparency and accessibility of the space market, leading to a deeper and more comprehensive understanding for all stakeholders involved.

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Orbital Opportunities Whitepaper

Space for
Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing is the backbone of the global economy, transforming raw materials into a diverse range of essential goods, from the production of automobiles and cutting-edge electronics to the crafting of textiles and furniture. Characterised by its scale and diversity, the industrial manufacturing industry integrates complex processes such as fabrication, assembly, and quality control, ensuring that its outputs meet the highest standards.

Discover how space technologies are revolutionising the industrial manufacturing sector. Learn about the transformative role of Earth Observation (EO), Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), and Satellite Communication (SatCom) in shaping industrial manufacturing for a sustainable, efficient, and innovative future.

CEO PILS Patrick

Patrick Pils

Founder & CEO

I firmly believe in the transformative power of space technology when it intersects with digital innovation. We are entering a new era where the great potential of space data and technology becomes an integral part of every business strategy. At LETO SPACE, we’re dedicated to unlocking these opportunities for our clients, guiding them through a journey of unparalleled innovation and sustainable growth.

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