Use Cases

Explore the diverse Use Cases of Space Technology and Space Data in transforming industries. Technologies and data from space, particularly Earth Observation (EO), Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), and Satellite Communications (SatCom), are reshaping businesses and operations in diverse sectors. Each Use Case demonstrates the practical, innovative impact of space-derived insights and technology, revealing a future where space data is not just a concept, but a vital part of industry success.

In this overview you can scroll through the diverse industries. When you click on one industry, you will be directed to the corresponding Use Case page. Do you like the listed Use Cases? Are industries or Use Cases missing? Contact us and let us know!

Maritime & Waterways

Space for Maritime & Waterways: Satellite technologies significantly enhance maritime and waterways operations, improving navigation, safety, and environmental monitoring. EO data provides vital information on oceanographic conditions, ice monitoring, and environmental hazards, supporting safe and efficient maritime navigation. GNSS technology offers precise positioning, critical for vessel tracking, port operations, and search and rescue missions. SatCom ensures continuous communication and data exchange for vessels, enhancing operational coordination and emergency response capabilities. Explore the integration of these technologies in advancing maritime safety, optimizing shipping routes, and protecting marine ecosystems.

Insurance & Finance

Space for Insurance & Finance: Satellite technologies are reshaping the insurance and finance sectors by providing critical data for risk assessment and decision-making. EO data enables precise monitoring of environmental and climatic conditions, crucial for assessing risks related to natural disasters and climate change. GNSS supports asset tracking and geospatial analysis, enhancing policy customization and fraud prevention. SatCom facilitates reliable communication for financial services, ensuring business continuity and customer access in remote areas. Discover how these technologies integrate to improve accuracy in risk modeling, streamline claims processing, and offer innovative financial products, driving efficiency and resilience in the insurance and finance industries.

Media, Culture & Sport

Space for Media, Culture & Sport: Satellite technologies are transforming media, culture, and sports industries by enhancing global broadcasting capabilities, cultural heritage monitoring, and sports event management. EO data aids in the preservation of cultural sites by monitoring environmental changes that may pose risks. GNSS facilitates real-time tracking of sports performances and outdoor events, ensuring accurate timing and positioning. SatCom enables live broadcasting of events worldwide, ensuring audiences have access to cultural festivals, sports competitions, and media content, regardless of location. Discover how these technologies contribute to a globally connected cultural and sports landscape, promoting accessibility and engagement.

Public Administration & Government

Space for Public Administration & Government: Satellite technologies offer transformative tools for public administration and government sectors, streamlining operations and enhancing public services. EO data supports urban planning, environmental monitoring, and disaster management, providing insights for informed decision-making. GNSS enables efficient management of public assets, transportation systems, and emergency services, ensuring accuracy and reliability. SatCom facilitates secure, reliable communication channels for governmental operations, especially in remote or underserved areas. Explore how these integrated technologies improve governance, foster transparency, and enable sustainable development initiatives, strengthening public sector capabilities and service delivery.