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A team of professionals, passionate about creating business value through Space

At LETO SPACE, we are a dynamic team of management consultants, IT experts, and space visionaries, united by our passion for integrating space technology into business solutions. Our team brings together a wealth of knowledge from the areas of business strategy, cutting-edge technology, and the possibilities of space. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of digital transformation, where the innovation of the tech world meets the leading edge of space advancements.

Our expertise not only lies in understanding the latest trends and technologies but in translating them into actionable strategies that propel businesses forward. As space visionaries, we’re constantly exploring new ways to harness the power of space data and technology, ensuring our clients are always several steps ahead in the market. We are your trusted advisors in navigating the exciting intersection of IT, management, and the wonders of space.


10 Years

A decade of expertise in Digital Transformation



Successful Digital Transformation Projects

Our Consulting Roles

Digital Strategy Consultants

Expert in integrating (space) technology with business strategies to drive innovation and competitive advantage.

Requirements Engineers

Specialist in defining precise technical and business requirements for bespoke (space) technology solutions.

Research Analysts

Data Expert, providing in-depth analysis of market data and industry trends for specific questions.

Space Market Experts

Authority on space industry trends, offering strategic insights into the evolving space market landscape.


Master in crafting and managing Request for Proposal processes, ensuring alignment with optimal space technology solutions.

Project Managers

Leader in orchestrating the efficient and timely execution of projects, ensuring goals are met within budget.

Strong Partnerships & Collaboration

At LETO SPACE, we believe in the power of collaboration to achieve extraordinary results. We are forging strong partnerships and collaborations with leading space agencies, technology firms, and academic institutions. These relationships not only enhance our capabilities but also provide our clients with access to cutting-edge space technologies and insights.

Our network of partners showcases our dedication to remaining at the forefront of various technologies, enabling us to staff even the most extensive projects.

CEO PILS Patrick

Patrick Pils

Founder & CEO

Patrick Pils leads LETO SPACE as Founder and CEO. With a background that combines technical expertise, top-tier management consulting, and leadership experience at organisations like ReqPOOL, BMW, and Red Bull, Patrick brings a unique blend of skills to the table. His vision for LETO SPACE is not just to be a leader in the space technology consulting field but to be a catalyst for change, helping businesses harness the untapped potential of space data and technology.

The Origins of LETO

Our Namesake

LETO SPACE reflects our core mission of ‘LEading TO SPACE.’ It also draws inspiration from the mythological goddess Leto, the mother of Apollo and Artemis, who lend their names to some of the most pivotal space missions in history and the future to come. Leto is known for staying in the background while fostering the innovation and development of the youth. Also the asteroid 68 Leto and the minor planet 639 Latona were both named after this special Greek goddess.

Goddess Leto

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Logos, Images & Colour Codes

Our kit includes our official logo, brand colour codes, and high-resolution images, all tailored for your media needs.

We invite you to contact us for any additional information or expert commentary on the ever-evolving areas of Space Technology and Digital Transformation.


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Our Office Location

LETO SPACE is strategically headquartered at Science Park Graz, a cornerstone of innovation and technological advancement in Austria, and also the location of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Austrian headquarters. This vibrant ecosystem of tech companies and research institutions provides an ideal setting for fostering our space technology ventures and collaborations.